Even the smallest of bathrooms deserve an upgrade. Whether your small bathroom needs more storage, a better shower, or a complete renovation, there are a few important tips that can help the smallest bathrooms feel larger.

  1. Fixtures with Storage

If storage is lacking in your tiny bathroom, choose fixtures that have storage built-in. This may be a mirror with drawers or shelves, a vanity with plenty of cabinets, or a free-standing sink with room for baskets underneath. Maximizing available space is a key component to making any small bathroom more functional.

2. Choose to Save Space

In order to continue to increase the amount of storage in your small bathroom, choose to build cut-outs into your shower wall that can serve as shelves. This saves you from having to build extra shelves on the floor of the shower or can allow you to take out a bench from the shower to increase room.

3. Glass Doors vs Curtains

Opting for glass doors in the shower versus a curtain will seemingly open a small bathroom. Glass doors allow the shower space to feel like livable square footage.

4. Mirrors, Mirrors, and More Mirrors

Adding mirrors can create the illusion of a larger bathroom even without adding square feet. Light will bounce off the mirrors, making the room appear bigger. Oval mirrors appear to stretch upward, which can make ceilings feel taller. If you do not have wall space to hang a mirror but have a window? Hang a mirror in front of the window to create privacy while still providing full access to the mirror.

There is no reason you can’t have the bathroom of your dreams with smaller square footage. Clear Choice Bath can help with all your bathroom, shower, and bathtub remodeling projects. Whether you need a few changes or a complete renovation, we know the best materials and layouts to help even the smallest of bathrooms feel larger. Give us a call today or request a free quote for your next bathroom project.