Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Make sure you avoid unnecessary headaches by hiring an all-in-one bathroom remodeling company. The remodeling process can be drawn out and costly by not choosing a company that manufactures, installs, and designs its own products. Hiring a company without this ability adds extra, unnecessary channels that must be waited on and depended upon before your bathroom remodeling can even be started. Let’s look at the design process when a company isn’t all-inclusive.

1. Retailers

The retailers are who you hire to do the work for you—or so you may think. Most of the time, however, the retailers are not the only ones involved in the remodeling process.

2. Manufacturers

The manufacturers are the ones making the product, and most of them are located overseas. Distributors often first must buy products from a manufacturer.

3. Distributors

A vast majority of remodeling companies must buy their products through a distributor instead of going to the manufacturer directly. This means that the manufacturer first sells to the distributor, who then sells to the remodeler, who then sells to you. This process is lengthy given all the places the product must be transported to and from. One must also hope that the order won’t be misplaced along the way or ordered incorrectly. This drives the cost of the product up and exposes the product to many opportunities to be broken or damaged.

This can cause an issue if, for example, a wall panel comes in damaged or the installer cuts it wrong. The remodeler must go through the distributor to get a replacement. The distributor then must contact the manufacturer to rush the order. This can mean waiting up to six weeks or more on a replacement piece. A delay such as this is not what you need when remodeling your bathroom.

4. Subcontractors and Installers

Another common issue within the construction industry is the dependence of subcontractors. Most home retailers use subcontractors for the actual installation of the products. This can include subcontractors who install showers or perform carpentry work. These retailers, therefore, don’t have control over the crews. Without direct control over subcontractors, manufacturers, and even distributors, you run the risk of not getting what you asked for or inadequate service and execution of the project.

To avoid paying more money than you need to, choose a retailer who does it all—from manufacturing to distributing to installation. Clear Choice Bath has our very own specialized, in-house installers. To ensure our clients receive the best service, we pay our installers competitively and provide them with company benefits. This makes Clear Choice Bath unique amongst our competition.

Furthermore, we are both the remodeler and the manufacturer. We specially design each one of our products. Our manufacturing facility is in Carlisle, Iowa. By having a manufacturing facility within the United States, we don’t have to wait for a distributor to receive a product being shipped from halfway across the world. This allows us to not only finish our projects promptly but also at a lower cost—saving you both time and money.  

When you are ready to begin remodeling your bathroom, look no further than Clear Choice Bath. Request a quote or call our Des Moines Sales at 515-989-9115 or Minneapolis Sales at 612-564-9115.