If you’ve been thinking about a bathroom remodel for a while but are on the fence, there are few signs it may finally be time for a change. Motivations may vary but there are few signs it is time to remodel sooner rather than later.

1. Style Changes

One of the most common reasons for bathroom remodels is an outdated style. The bathroom may have been perfect when you moved in but now your style may have changed. If your style has changed and you no longer enjoy looking at your bathroom, it is time for an upgrade.

2. Clutter

Too many items on your vanity or jammed into the cabinets? This is a sign you need more storage. There are a variety of storage options available and ways to maximize available space. These can include a vanity with storage, shelving units, and built-in closets in unused spaces.

3. Lack of Light

Insufficient lighting is common in bathrooms, but it doesn’t need to be. Whether a bathroom remodel can include adding windows or simply better lighting units, better lighting is possible. Enough lighting is important to ensure you can perform your daily routine safely and with ease.

4. Damage

A clear sign it is time for a bathroom remodel is damaged or worn fixtures. Leaks, mold, and other obvious damages can lead to problems outside the bathroom. It’s best to schedule bathroom remodeling as soon as you notice these issues.

5. Lifestyle changes

Whether you just had a baby or are unable to step into a shower anymore, lifestyle changes may lead to a needed upgrade in functionality. This can include a walk-in shower, adding a bathtub to bathe children, or adding a double vanity.

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