One of the most common complaints homeowners have about their bathrooms is that they don’t have enough space. Between bulky tubs and less-than-ideal square footage, learning to make the most of a smaller space can take a bit of time. Partnering with a business like Clear Choice Bath can help you create custom bathing areas that maximize the benefits of your home.

Smaller Bathtub Options

Most traditional-style tubs average around 5 feet in length. While you can replace your old tub with an upgraded traditional model, if you really want to cut down on unnecessary wastes of space, consider investing in one of our 4.5-foot tubs. Just because you choose a smaller tub doesn’t mean you’ll be limited on style options. We offer multiple styles and colors to help you design a room you love.

Need a walk-in tub? Some owners think that this style requires a lot of extra room. Fortunately, there are several styles on the market that are, in fact, more narrow than standard tubs. This design means you’ll have the safety features you need without taking up more room than necessary.

Smaller Shower Options

If you want to cut down on the size of your shower, consider investing in a replacement shower system from Clear Choice Bath. Customers can choose center-drain shower bases that are available in a compact design with of a width of just three feet (or even less!). You’ll have plenty of patterns to choose from when it comes to designing the shower walls. We can even custom-fit the walls to fit your bathroom’s dimensions.

Wall Storage Solutions

One way to get the most out of your bathroom’s space is to use wall caddies, which help maximize the vertical space in the area. Our wall cadies come with several shelves that remove the clutter of toiletries and other bathing items from around your bathroom. All your items will be stored out of the way, nice and organized.

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