Bath to Shower Conversion

Many homeowners from all over the country are seeing the benefits of transforming your bathtub into a luxury shower. If you’ve noticed that your bathtub is cracking or gathering stains, or that it’s somewhat cramped in your bathroom, transforming the space into a shower can be just the update you need. 

Things to Consider Before Your Renovation

There are a variety of factors to keep in mind when you’re thinking about transforming your bath into a shower. First of all, you want to consider family planning. For many parents with young children, it’s important to have at least one bathtub in the house. So before you complete a Minneapolis shower conversion, you’ll want to make sure that there is at least one bathroom in your house with a bathtub. 

This is also an important consideration for folks who may be planning to sell their home down the line. Many homebuyers are looking for at least one bathtub, so you’ll want to consider your home’s resale value you when you’re making a decision to complete a bathtub to shower conversion. 

Determine the Details of Your Shower Conversion

Once you’ve committed to completing your renovation, it’s time for the fun part–thinking about all of the design elements. If you’re working with a Bath Planet dealer like Clear Choice Bath of Minneapolis, you’ll have some amazing options to choose from. You’ll want to make sure you have the specific measurements of your bath so you can make choices that are smart and efficient. It’s a great idea to double check all of your measurements so that you can be sure you’re making the right purchases. Working with a professional bathroom remodeler like Clear Choice Bath is the best way to ensure that everything is completed quickly and efficiently. 

Here are some of the Bath Planet options you can choose from: 

  • Tile Wall Patterns like Diamond, Subway, & Santa Fe Listello
  • Reveal & Othello Laser-Etched Tiles in Shapes like Fairfield, Hexagonal, & Roman Block 
  • Tile Color Swatches like Canyon Slate, River Rock, Coastal Stone, & Travertine 
  • Reveal Patterns Available in All Wall Colors

Reach Out To Our Team To Learn More

If you’re ready for a luxury Minneapolis tub to shower conversion but you aren’t sure where to start, reach out to our team at Clear Choice Bath. We have spent years in the industry helping our customers create the luxury bathrooms they’ve been dreaming about. We have experienced bathroom remodelers that can complete your project quickly and efficiently. Call our team today to learn more about how we can help you.