It can be difficult to plan renovations around an awkwardly placed bathroom window. While the window brings in lots of extra light, it is a privacy issue. Not to mention, there are potential water damage and moisture issues around the frame.

When you are considering a bathtub and shower remodel, don’t ignore your bathroom window. Tackle that bathroom design challenge head on with a few of these suggestions.

Order Custom Wall Surrounds

Make your life easier first by having the new wall surround for your bathtub or shower enclosure custom-made and installed. You can get this done by a bathroom remodeling company along with installation of a new enclosure.

Its also a good idea to have the wall surround for your enclosure run up the full length of the wall, and completely surround the window frame. This will provide some extra protection to the window frame against moisture. Hopefully, the bathroom remodeler can also install some protective composite or acrylic around the interior of the window opening for even more protection.

Replace the Window at the Same Time

If your bathtub enclosure needs replacing, odds are you need window replacement too. Consider hiring a contractor to install a new window when you are updating the bathroom. There may be damage to the window frame and wood underneath, so a professional’s touch is best.

Plus, there are loads of window styles on the market that would work well in a bathroom, such as:

  • Awning
  • Casement
  • Hopper

Apply Textured & Frosted Glass Films

Another concern is privacy when you are in the bathroom. You could put up a vinyl curtain to cover the window but it’s not ideal. Curtains are bulky and fill up the already small space of an enclosure. They can also become discolored and develop mildew spots over the long term.

An alternative is to apply a privacy film over your window glass. There are many film styles to choose from for you home. You could pick one of these types of films:

  • Textured Films
  • Frosted Films
  • Window Tints

Just remember that a dark window tint will also block light from entering the bathroom. If you prefer a well-lit space, a frosted film can provide the best of both light and privacy.

If you are interested in renovating your bath enclosure with a window, reach out to Clear Choice Bath. We offer comprehensive bathroom remodeling services with:

  • Showers
  • Bathtubs
  • ADA-Compliant Bathrooms
  • Bath Conversions

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