When your bathroom is straight out of the 90s or an earlier decade, it can seem old, worn, and unappealing. No matter how well-maintained your bathroom, certain styles that were once trendy will always give a bathroom a dated appearance.

One area of the bathroom where older styles always seem the most obvious are the bathtub or shower enclosures. Homeowners may also find that the fixtures and other hardware of these enclosures is corroded or even starting to rust. Rather than putting a lot of effort into removing rust and trying to get the hardware to screw back on the way it used to fit, you can replace it during a shower remodel.

Benefits of New Shower Installation

There are many other ways a new shower can transform an older bathroom. Besides giving your bathroom a more contemporary style, modern showers are constructed differently. They also boast features and technology homeowners might not have had access too in the past. 

1. Low-Maintenance Acrylic Shower Bases

Today's acrylic shower bases and wall surrounds are made from much sturdier and more durable acrylic than the low-budget shower enclosures of the past. For instance, Luxury Bath uses a multi-layer acrylic sheet that's molded to the exact size and shape of your bath enclosure.

This single sheet of layered acrylic is also low-maintenance due to its nonporous surface. Your shower will be more resistant to dirt, grime, and mold too. Essentially, your shower will look great for longer without you having to scrub it.

2. Innovative Shower Heads & More

There are a wider variety of shower heads available to install in shower enclosures now too. Homeowners can even install multiple shower-head and side sprayers for a completely immersive experience. Or you can opt for the ever popular rainfall shower-head too.

3. Showers Going Digital

Some shower manufacturers are offering digital controls and thermostats in their shower enclosures. Homeowners can even install radios and light therapy systems for their showers and bathtubs. These digital features not only provide added utility, they improve your experience in the shower.

Creating a Classic Look for the Long-Term

Remodeling the shower gives homeowners the opportunity to select a style that is classic and timeless. You won't have to worry about needing a remodel in a decade because with the new design your bathroom will still look great then too. If you aren't sure what styles are classic, a professional bathroom remodeling company can give you guidance.

Clear Choice Bath can set up an appointment with a design consultant in the Minneapolis area. Our BBB A+ rated specialists have access to hundreds of shower styles and base options. We'll be able to help you find a look that perfectly complements your bathroom.

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