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There are a number of ways to make your bathroom more accessible and safe for your family. Some upgrades can be made at a minimal expense and others are more involved. However small or large your budget, enjoy these bathroom remodeling options to increase independence and accessibility in the bathroom:

  • Walk-in Tub/Shower Combo
  • Walk- or Roll-in Shower
  • Wet-Bath Accessories

Walk-in Bathtubs for Accessibility

Choosing to make your bathroom more safe is one of the most important home upgrades you could consider. Most slips, trips, and falls occur in the bathroom where surfaces are wet and slick. One major permanent upgrade that can add accessibility to your Minneapolis, Des Moines, or Pensacola home is a walk-in bathtub.

Walk-in tubs make it easy for mobility-impaired individuals to transfer themselves into the tub thanks to a convenient door. One huge advantage to a walk-in tub is that you can soak sore muscles and use essential oil-infused tinctures to aid in relaxation.

Convenient Roll-in Shower Bases

An upgrade that is arguably the best solution for most homeowners is an accessible, seamless shower base for walking or rolling into the shower. This option unfortunately does not allow soaking or bathing like a walk-in tub would. However, you can argue that a shower is safer because you won't have to wait for the water to drain in order to exit.

Bathroom Accessories for Mobility

Although a walk-in tub or shower is the perfect upgrade for accessibility, many homeowners have to wait for this bathroom remodel to take place. For a quick solution to safety, here are some options that you can install right away:

  • Tub or Shower Liner: If you need a safer bathroom ASAP, consider gluing down a texturized tub or shower liner to cover the slippery surface.
  • Grab Bars: Grab bars can be found at any local hardware store for a convenient solution that gives you and your family more confidence.
  • Shower or Tub Seat: A shower seat can be easily purchased at a local big-box store so you or your loved ones can be safely seated while bathing.

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