It is in fact possible not to break the bank when getting your bathroom remodeled. With a few easy tips and tricks, you can have the bathroom of your dreams in a budget you can afford.

Have a Plan

Creating a plan before beginning renovations can help you maintain a realistic design, budget, and timeline. It is important to figure out which parts of the bathroom you are willing to spend more money on and which parts you can cut back on. Moving plumbing can cost at least $5,000. Being able to keep the toilet and shower where they are located currently can save time and money when renovating. Working with contractors can help prevent extra money from being spent along the way.

Small Changes, Big Results

A simple way to save money during renovations is to select inexpensive options for flooring, bathtubs, tile, or shower features. Focusing on one aspect of the bathroom to spend more money on can help save money overall. These smaller changes can leave room for the expensive changes you may want to focus on, such as the shower. If your goal for renovating is to have the focus on the countertops, splurging on high-quality materials can save in the long run. Keeping costs low in other aspects of the bathroom allow for more expense on a vanity countertop.

Know what you want

Whether your goal is to have a walk-in shower, replace a bathtub, or get a brand-new vanity, knowing what you want before the renovating begins can help save you money during the process. Changing your mind after renovations are underway can increase your costs if the contractors must do extra work. Make sure to research styles and options in order to find what best suits your wants and needs.

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