A lot is said about creating an elegant bathroom on many design websites, but it can be hard to apply those tips when planning your own space. At Clear Choice Bath, our Minneapolis bathroom remodelers offer customers Luxury Bath products in dozens of assorted colors and style options. With the variety of choice available, and our tips for elegant bathroom design, you’ll be able to create the look you want with ease.

Elegance as a Design Element

An elegant bathroom can be different colors and influenced by different time periods. But there are a few features of an elegant bathroom that many people agree on. These are:

  • Consistency: Your bath enclosure should maintain a consistent theme within the enclosure and with the rest of the bathroom. All of the colors work well together and generally stay within one time period.
  • Simplicity: According to Paulo Coehlo, “The core of beauty is simplicity.” Keep your bathroom looking streamlined by focusing on just a few key features and design elements.
  • Impact: An elegant bathroom is literally one that makes an impact on anyone who visits. You can achieve this through a bold pattern, quality materials and construction, or a well-applied design theme.

Creating an Elegant Wall Surround

Since the part of your bath enclosure that will stand out the most is the wall surround, this is where you can really make a statement. First decide on the theme of your elegant bathroom. Do you want it to be modern? Are you looking for something traditional? Or do you want to go way back and be inspired by Roman bathhouses?

Clear Choice Bath offers wall surround patterns that fulfill all of these wishes and more. If you are looking to create a bathroom with cooler tones, consider the following wall surround patterns:

  • Arctic Ice
  • Gray
  • White

For a warmer toned bathroom enclosure, we also offer:

  • Sandalwood
  • Santa Cruz
  • Sierra Sand
  • White Slate
  • White Travertine

If you like, you’ll also be able to pair these surround patterns and colors with a tile pattern. Marble patterns work extremely well with rectangular block tile patterns. There is even a ‘Roman tile’ pattern you can pick out.

When you want a more relaxed feeling in the bathroom there are other options to choose. Consider a fun hexagonal tile or visually interesting herringbone tile pattern.

Choosing the Replacement Bathtub & Hardware

We also offer dozens of base options for your bathtub and shower remodels in Minneapolis. It helps to pick out a bathtub base that matches the tone of the wall surround.

Warm toned bathtub shades include:

  • Almond
  • Biscuit
  • Sandbar

Our cooler toned bathtub shades include:

  • Gray
  • White

When picking out the hardware for your elegant bath enclosure, you’ll also find that we have several options, including modern ones like a rainfall shower head. It’s even possible to select from a few hardware finishes that complement the overall color tone of your bath enclosure, such as polished brass or silver chrome.

You’ll also be able to add practical elements to the bathroom enclosure in the form of our accessories. Choose the features that you need most for comfort and convenience. After all, this is your bathroom. We offer several accessories:

  • Attached Bench Seats
  • Grab Bars
  • Shelves
  • Shower Footrests
  • Soap Dish
  • Storage Caddy

When your Minneapolis bathroom remodeling contractor has completed that elegant enclosure, designing the rest of the space to match is easy. Choose wall paint in a matching color to carry the theme throughout the bathroom. You might also want to install some easy to work with interlocking vinyl plank flooring too.

Pick a second color from your wall surround to use for your towels, rugs, and other design elements in the room. This will help these pieces stand out a bit, but still maintain consistency.

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