Springtime Bathroom Remodel

As we enter the Spring season, this is the ideal time to do a bathroom remodel for your home. When you remodel your home during the spring, you can prepare to enjoy the summer months. However, the designing process can be challenging for homeowners looking to get the best for their homes. 

You need to consider numerous factors when developing a bathroom design, so it's important to get advice from experienced designers. This article will cover some of the steps you can take to start planning your bathroom remodel in spring. You will be ready to start working with a bathroom remodeling company by the end of this article. 

Selecting Materials and Color Scheme

One of the most important steps of the planning process is deciding on a color scheme and materials for the bathroom. The colors must coordinate well together, resulting in a seamless bathroom design. In most cases, a bathroom design should involve two different colors that coordinate together.

If you include more than two colors, the design becomes overwhelming, and it doesn't appear as aesthetically appealing. The color scheme should be one dark color and one lighter color. For example, below are a few color combinations using some of the color selections at Clear Choice Bath. 

  • Sierra Sand and Biscuit
  • Arctic Ice and White
  • San Michele Travertine and Gray

Focusing on Bathroom Accessories

When designing your bathroom, the accessories inside of the space should also coordinate with the color scheme. Whether it's the towel rack or the doorknob, you should ensure the design is seamless. You should also focus on more functional bathroom accessories, such as accessibility features. 

If you live with a loved one that has mobility concerns, you should adjust the design to best fit their needs. Installing handrails and opting for a roll-in shower can boost the bathroom accessibility of your space drastically. A professional bathroom remodeling company can develop the necessary features for your home. 

Making The Most Out Of The Space

Designing your bathroom should involve creating a layout that best works for your home. You want the bathroom to look spacious and feel bigger than it actually is. To make the most out of the space, you should utilize mirrors to expand the space and max out the square footage of the space. 

The color choice and materials will also plan a vital role in how big the bathroom looks, with darker colors making the room appear smaller. Lastly, you should get creative with the storage space in the bathroom and limit the amount of bulky furniture that you install in the bathroom area. 

Get The Ideal Bathroom Design From Experienced Designers

If you are interested in developing the perfect bathroom design for this spring, give our bathroom remodeling team at Clear Choice Bath a call. Our team of experienced designers will work closely with you to create the best layout for your home. You can schedule a no-obligation and free design consultation today by calling or filling out the online quote form.